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At the Museum of the Peasant…on Saturday.

Walking around and reading all explanations(Advice:try to always read the explanations in museums or rent audio tours if any)…peace of mind guaranteed. This museum is one of the best I’ve seen In Bucharest and it continues to surprise me each time because I keep discovering things… I entered a big room with a huge wind mill exposed in the middle. The lights in the room were decent.No, not spectacular. As I entered the room I saw an announcement: The illuminating is sponsored by Asirom.
Interesting. I was expecting to read that it is powered by Luxten or something of the kind. However, it has left a good impression. Asirom is powering something decent. And for me it was enough.
Their Way:
Sometimes it is better to make/sustain smth that people do not expect to… you might not reach the brand indicators, but at least you have chances to be noticed.
My Way:
However,the mill was quite old and I was afraid to get very close to it. Maybe Asirom could have said “Come closer to the mill. Here you can touch the objects”

Intr-o lume nesigura, Asirom va asigura.

Saying all the time the same things in different ways => memorability. Is it so difficult to understand?

tell them what you’re going to tell them
tell them and then
tell them what you’ve told them.

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