5 reasons why email marketing works

Sunt fan email marketing atata timp cat e facut bine (unde bine = baza de date k lumea care vrea si accepta sa primeasca informatii de la tine, segmentarea bazei de date inainte de trimitere, mesaj adaptat si relvant, sa vrea omu’ sa citeasca urmatorul newsletter, sa stii cum sa eviti traffic jam-urile de email campaigns, etc, etc, etc).

Si am gasit aici o sinteza a motivelor pentru care email marketingul e ok si poti sa iti justifici statul de fan cu ele:

Fast Deployment/Quick to Market – Relatively speaking, email marketing can be deployed from concept to completion within a matter of days, and on occasion (and with a highly productive team) in just hours.

Personalized & Interactive – The ability to personalize your message and interact via clickable keyword rich text links, graphics, etc. your audience has an instantaneous and low resistance you can instantly interact with your audience.

Easy to Digest – When copy has been written with the busy/multi-tasking business person in mind an email can be both read and digested by the recipient very quickly.

Deliverability & Cost Effectiveness -Distribution of a marketing message can be distributed to 100’s to 1000’s of contacts in a matter of minutes. Additionally, when compared to other marketing initiatives, the cost per contact drastically decreases.

Measure of Success – Both reception of, and the results of email marketing campaigns can be tracked

Mai multe despre cum functioneaza si cateva tips-uri AICI.

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