Top 10 Ways to Know You Work in PR

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10. You divide your weekends into 15 minute billable chunks

9. You cringe when you hear jargon like “going forward,” “actionable,” “learnings,” and “incentivize”

8. Whenever someone writes you a letter, gives you a card, etc., you immediately begin editing it

7. Every four years, around presidential election time, you throw things at your TV when you hear “spin” for the millionth time

6. You have permanent scars on your tongue from biting it over and over again…whenever a lawyer has “edits” to your copy, an exec wants you to add some “verbiage” to a speech. The list goes on and on

5. At some point in your career you’ve wondered what class it was as undergrads that journalists got their halos and/or capes

4. Your resume is a “living document”

3. You’ve started drinking in the morning, explaining to your PR buddies, “Well, it’s got to be 5 pm somewhere in the world”

2. With a numb ear, you wearily hang up after a conference call and immediately say “What an *&((&&^!” (Insert expletive here)

1. You’ve been working in this profession for 10 years and your Mom still doesn’t know what you do

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