Marketing lessons from the US election

Title and inspiration from A Smart Guy
Stories really matter.
“More than a billion dollars spent, two ‘products’ that have very different features, and yet, when people look back at the election they will remember mavericky winking. You can say that’s trivial. I’ll say that it’s human nature.”

“Mainstream media isn’t powerful because we have no other choices. It’s powerful because they’re still really good at writing and spreading stories, stories we listen to and stories we believe.”

TV is over.
“If people are interested, they’ll watch. On their time (or their boss’s time). They’ll watch online, and spread the idea. You can’t email a TV commercial to a friend, but you can definitely spread a YouTube video. The cycle of ads got shorter and shorter, and the most important ads were made for the web, not for TV.
Permission matters (though selfish marketers still burn it)”.

Marketing is tribal.
“Building a new tribe (in marketing and in politics) is time consuming and risky and expensive.”

more @ Seth Godin

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