5 tips to help you maximize your coverage in SUMMERTIME

Am gasit un articol foarte interesant despre subiecte de comunicat vara. Se stie ca vara e umpic mai mult loc (parca) de plasat subiecte. Acum, cand subiectele insa sunt economice, e greu de crezut ca locul va ramane liber…dar, iata mai jos cateva trucuri via The Bad Pitch Blog:

Make it timely
As you develop story angles for the season, remember it is summer. Whether you’re talking about a summer gadget (easy) or a medical device (hard), tie your pitch to something relevant to the here and now. For example, a lot of travel goes on this time of year, so tie your company, product, or service to summer travel (airfares…heat, sun..SPF..etc.).

Work the holidays

Think smallish

Present company

Agency review, friend

Detalii: AICI.

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