Some interesting quotes from Cannes 2010

  • If you’re a brand manager you’re now an editor-in-chief with a 52-week calendar of branded content to produce.(via)
  • Digital is like highschool sex. Everyone is talking about it, few are doing it, no one is doing it very well. Keith Weed, CMO Unilever
  • You have to be ahead of your consumers in digital, you cannot be at the same level as them. Keith Weed, CMO Unilever
  • ” Our imagination is our currency. Hire generous people who want to share ideas & collaborate.” David Droga
  • “winning awards is nice, winning in the market is better” by a coca cola representative
  • Motivatia juriului pentru Gold-urile de la Cyber:
  • Both campaigns were a sign that digital is breaking out of the computer screen and into the real world.
  • They succeeded in making technology essential to the creative process while at the same time invisible to those interacting with the campaign.
  • Technology will reach it’s peak when it becomes invisible. – Jean Boechat
  • Zuckerberg on privacy – there is a natural tension between sharing more but wanting to control what is shared
  • “The size of the markets that we serve is so big”; “Monetization is catching up”; “I think Facebook is more a technology company, rather than a media company” Zuckerberg, Facebook founder
  • We should not pretend creativity is anything more than a habit. Nick Law, R/GA
  • Ideas to talk about, Google about, twit about, post about. The next great idea is to create a new verb
  • “Social will be in every media”; “Forget about online and offline. Everything will be online” ; “If you are a print company, your content will go video”; Henrique de Castro, Chief VP at Google
  • “Don’t try to fake and immitate”; “Have principles – even if they cost you money – and stick to them!”; “Be happy! Happy people make great work”-lessons for the agencies

Some trends emerging at Cannes Lions 2010

No. 1 – Social is about listening first, collaborating second, selling third.
No. 2 – Hollywood quality entertainment and engagement is essential for ALL
No. 3 – an amazingly well executed, creative idea will stick. This is still the fundamental truth
No. 4 – Story telling is your best tool and the boundaries are now limitless
No. 5 – Speed of change is getting SO fast – adopt a ‘test and learn’ approach. Try, test, adapt
No. 6 – Champion creativity but support and deliver it properly or you will waste even the best
No. 7 – this is the time to be brave – take a risk, start from scratch, dare to be audaciously creative

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Bud House

32 de fani fotbal din 32 de tari (participante la Cupa Mondiala de Fotbal) stau pe toata durata campionatului intr-o casa, un fel de Big Brother, asa. Desigur, sunt filmati si transmisi pe Youtube. Ei sunt eliminati pe masura ce echipa tarii lor “paraseste competitia”.

Ultimii doi vor asista la Marea Finala, in Africa de Sud si fanul echipei castigatoare ii va inmana trofeul omului meciului din finala, la final, desigur.

Totul powered by Budweiser (partener oficial FIFA): The Bud House on YouTube.

p.s. tre sa fac un post mai lung si mai sintetizator cu cateva dintre promotiile si campaniile construite anul asta in jurul Campionatului Mondial de Fotbal.

De la o agrafa rosie la o casa in sudul Frantei

Un baiat avea o agrafa dintr-aia de se prind hartiile cu ea la birou. Si agrafa era rosie. Si baiatul asta isi dorea o casa in Franta. Si a zis ca el vrea sa faca schimburi si sa ajunga de la agrafa la casa.

Si a inceput. Timp de un an a tot schimbat agrafa pe un pix, pixul pe un caiet, caietul pe…si tot asa. la un moment dat a primit la schimb un rol mic intr-un film mic. Si un oras din sudul Frantei a zis ca vrea el rolul ala in film si ii da baiatului nostru o casa.
Si gata!

14 schimburi, timp de un an.

Baiatul a scris dup-aia carti, a castigat bani si acuma traieste destul de fericit.

Putpocketing-ul este opusul lui pickpocketing-ului

si o gaselnita de comunicare dintr-asta surprinzatoare pe care a aplicat-o Editura Points la Salonul de carte de la Paris. 1 000 de carti + un mesaj (“Descopera marii scriitori chiar in buzunarul tau”) au fost strecurate in buzunarele sau gentile vizitatorilor creand, desigur, mult buzz pe langa 60,000 de unici pe zi pe site-ul editurii si aglomeratie la standul editurii.

Campania a fost criticata de unii si plasata in categoria “cumfacemsacastigamincaunpremiu”. Din pacate, Points nu a prea folosit retelele sociale pentru propagare, bucurandu-se doar sa genereze trafic la stand si pe site (which is pretty OK).

Putpoketing-ul a fost folosit si de Burger King sau de Talk Talk, o companie de telefonie mobila din Anglia.