Some interesting quotes from Cannes 2010

  • If you’re a brand manager you’re now an editor-in-chief with a 52-week calendar of branded content to produce.(via)
  • Digital is like highschool sex. Everyone is talking about it, few are doing it, no one is doing it very well. Keith Weed, CMO Unilever
  • You have to be ahead of your consumers in digital, you cannot be at the same level as them. Keith Weed, CMO Unilever
  • ” Our imagination is our currency. Hire generous people who want to share ideas & collaborate.” David Droga
  • “winning awards is nice, winning in the market is better” by a coca cola representative
  • Motivatia juriului pentru Gold-urile de la Cyber:
  • Both campaigns were a sign that digital is breaking out of the computer screen and into the real world.
  • They succeeded in making technology essential to the creative process while at the same time invisible to those interacting with the campaign.
  • Technology will reach it’s peak when it becomes invisible. – Jean Boechat
  • Zuckerberg on privacy – there is a natural tension between sharing more but wanting to control what is shared
  • “The size of the markets that we serve is so big”; “Monetization is catching up”; “I think Facebook is more a technology company, rather than a media company” Zuckerberg, Facebook founder
  • We should not pretend creativity is anything more than a habit. Nick Law, R/GA
  • Ideas to talk about, Google about, twit about, post about. The next great idea is to create a new verb
  • “Social will be in every media”; “Forget about online and offline. Everything will be online” ; “If you are a print company, your content will go video”; Henrique de Castro, Chief VP at Google
  • “Don’t try to fake and immitate”; “Have principles – even if they cost you money – and stick to them!”; “Be happy! Happy people make great work”-lessons for the agencies

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