Niste retete

In performance-ul din ’97 al Marinei Abramovic-Spirit Cooking apar si niste retete pentru cap si suflet, dar mai ales pentru suflet. Si mie imi plac la nebunie unele dintre ele, asa ca le scriu aici sa imi ramana undeva cand o sa-mi plece din cap.

Breakfast: Night dreams

Lunch: Day dreams

Dinner: Evening dreams


Mix Fresh Milk From The Breast
With Fresh Milk Of The Sperm
Drink on Earthquake Nights


With A Sharp Knife

Cut Deeply Into The

Middle Finger Of The Left Hand
Eat The Pain


Facing The Wall
Eat Nine Red Hot Peppers


Take Uncut 13 Leaves Of Green Cabbage
With 13,000 Grammes Of Jealousy
Steam For Long Time In Deep Iron Pot
Till All Water Evaporates
Eat It Just Before Attack

si tot asa: Marina Abramovic- Spirit Cooking

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