I do expect anyone who works in PR to know things like…

(for UK, but just replace UK with Romania and you’ll have a hell of a good list:)

– The names of most government departments and the cabinet minister in charge

– The main characters and storylines from at least some of Shakespeare’s plays –

– The names of the ‘top’ six or seven PMs/presidents from around the world

– Key events from UK and world history

– The main characters and storylines from some of the classic British novels (from having read them, not watched the film or TV adaptation)

– Know who some of the world’s great thinkers are and their works from philosophy, economics, politics, sociology etc

– The locations and little bit about most UK cities

– The titles and/or authors of some current ‘hot’ books that are helping to shape society and business – and hopefully to have read some of them, for fun/interest, and not because you’ve tasked with it

– The capitals of most European countries and major countries around the world

– The names of some of the world’s ‘great’ newspapers in major countries.


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