Idei de spart gheața

Câteva idei de spart gheața la workshop-uri, seminarii sau training-uri.

1. Interview the person next to you (ice breaker)

2. Mystery Objects

3. A childhood toy or game

4. Personal Photographs

5. The First Time

The storyteller spends 10 minutes writing about an occasion when they did something for the first time and how it made them feel and the impact it possibly caused for others.  The story is then shared with the rest of the group.

6. The Match Game

The Trainer should ensure that the use of matches in the room will not trigger the fire alarms and that each storyteller holds a glass of water for the match to drop into before it burns fingers.

7. Love/Hate

Each participant creates a list of 10 things they love and 10 things they hate, and they read these out to the others in the group.

Mai multe idei despre cum sa spargi gheata cand lucrezi cu grupuri mici: aici sau aici.

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