Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

Pentru week-end-uri, Marvel ne-a dat Gardians Of The Galaxy 2 (r. James Gunn) este un film usor si fun. Filmul se zice ca a contribuit la cresterea record a vanzarilor de casete audio in 2017. 2 ore si un strop de aventuri si cu chiu cu vai, dar mult umor galaxia e safe la final. Se asculta muzica buna, sunt efecte speciale bine lucrate si se face mult misto de reperele si referintele genului. Fun, de week-end.

p.s. si las asta aici:

The idea of self-contained minds spontaneously appearing into existence is called “Boltzmann brains.” This is a metaphysical conundrum raised by quantum mechanics, and concludes that in a universe that exists forever, you are more likely to be a “Bolzmann brain” hallucinating reality than a real being.

p.s. am vazut tot week-endul asta si Ghost in the Shell, dar al prostu’ din 2017. Ma duc inapoi la anime si manga – alea originale si abia apoi revin pe blog cu recomandarea:)

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