Ten Secrets to Success of Social Media

Mi s-a parut in articol pertinent, cu argumentatie OK, nice to read pentru toti clientii care doresc cu ardoare sa foloseasca social media. You should take into account:

Secret # 1- Don’t Fear Negativity.

Secret # 2 – Start with the Goal Not the Tool.

Secret # 3 – Embrace Niche Markets.

Secret # 4 – Empower Your People to Speak for Your Company.

Secret # 5 – Master Search.

Secret # 6 – Think Like a Publisher. How do you do this? Get your brand out there, learn how to leverage all sources of media and communications.

Secret # 7 – Ditch the 13 Week Campaign. Using social media takes longer than traditional campaigns. You must build trust, engage the community and respond accordingly before you see results.

Secret # 8 – Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New. Once you feel your marketing strategy is starting to flatten out reinvent your approach. This is what PR and Media Relations is all about reinvention.

Secret # 9 – Use It Straight. What this means is do not be afraid of feedback.

Finally secret # 10 – Give to Get. Offer value to your audience. Give your audience a chance to create your marketing strategy.

Detalii si exemple: AICI.

Every Image Needs A Sound

Via Dd am gasit un site. Via acest site am gasit o supercampanie facuta de niste baieti care au un studio audio. Executii speciale pe material special si cu superinspiratie: every image needs a sound. Mai sunt 2 executii aici.

Advertising for Atheism


Even in the 21st century, religion still has a big hold on people. Religious fanatics around the world kill thousands every year. Millions of people live in countries with oppressive faith-based regimes. Bishops get an automatic seat in the UK legislature. And state-funded ‘faith schools’ are allowed to discriminate in favour of religious pupils. Meanwhile, churches and evangelist groups (‘The Alpha Course’) are advertising for recruits. Where is the voice promoting rational, science-based atheism?


Get PR. The campaign has already had great coverage in the media (try Googling ‘Atheist bus campaign’), and will hopefully get even more when we launch. An ad with real insight and bite will be more likely to get PR.


Marketing lessons from the US election

Title and inspiration from A Smart Guy
Stories really matter.
“More than a billion dollars spent, two ‘products’ that have very different features, and yet, when people look back at the election they will remember mavericky winking. You can say that’s trivial. I’ll say that it’s human nature.”

“Mainstream media isn’t powerful because we have no other choices. It’s powerful because they’re still really good at writing and spreading stories, stories we listen to and stories we believe.”

TV is over.
“If people are interested, they’ll watch. On their time (or their boss’s time). They’ll watch online, and spread the idea. You can’t email a TV commercial to a friend, but you can definitely spread a YouTube video. The cycle of ads got shorter and shorter, and the most important ads were made for the web, not for TV.
Permission matters (though selfish marketers still burn it)”.

Marketing is tribal.
“Building a new tribe (in marketing and in politics) is time consuming and risky and expensive.”

more @ Seth Godin

Salvati-va animalul din logo!

De la Mihaela aflu de o initiativa laudabila: Sauvez votre logo.

Mai multe aici:
Sauvez votre logo ! : c’est le nom de la campagne que vient de lancer le Fonds mondial de l’environnement (GEF, selon son acronyme anglais) pour encourager les multinationales à protéger l’animal fétiche sur lequel elles ont en partie bâti leur image. Ces espèces, souvent menacées, jouissent d’un capital de sympathie auprès du public : Lacoste et son crocodile, Peugeot et son lion, Jaguar, Puma, le thé Eléphant… Plusieurs centaines de marques utilisent des références à la nature, et aux animaux en particulier (Le Monde)

l.e. am reusit cu link-urile.

Istoria internetului in Romania

Cine o scrie si cum poti contribui si tu + detalii despre proiect la Ionut Oprea.
De mai mult timp ma bate gandul sa pun bazele unei pagini de referinta, care sa adune permanent cat mai multe din elementele care au punctat si influentat dezvoltarea internetului in Romania. O istorie a internetului romanesc, de la origini si pana astazi, actualizat in fiecare an, sau poate chiar mai des, zice Ionut pe blogul sau.

Model similar de demers: AICI.

Warte bis September

Pentru lansarea noului catalog Ikea in Germania, un site a fost lansat pentru teasing sub mesajul “Warte bis September” (Asteptati pana in septembrie).

Cu ajutorul unui webcam Nils ne arata cum asteapta noul catalog Ikea toata ziua. In asteptarea noului catalog, in casa aproape goala, Nils isi invita prietenii, se joaca si citeste sau interactioneaza cu cei care intra pe site. El mai lanseaza si sondaje pe site, de exemplu “Cu ce sa ma imbrac in seara asta” si tot asa. Da’ mai bine intrati sa vedeti AICI.